A Warm Welcome to Hatta Hospital, Dubai

With ever increasing sales for the UK, Australia and the USA, it is always great to hear of expanding sales of the Perinatal Training Programme (PTP) in the Middle East; and K2 would like to extend the warmest welcome to Hatta Hospital, Dubai, as T2, sole exclusive agents for K2 in the UAE and MENA regions, confirm the installation of the PTP at this prestigious facility.

Hatta Hospital, a new addition to the Dubai Health Authority’s (DHA) facilities, is a 123 bed multi-disciplinary hospital that prides itself in offering first class healthcare services to Hatta and the neighbouring populations.  Delivering a full range of specialist services, Hatta Hospital demands high standards and is proud to be one of a growing list of DHA facilities that have received International Accreditation from the Joint Commission International.

The DHA’s mission is to transform Dubai into a leading healthcare centre for excellence and, by embracing and investing in innovative and pioneering technologies and research, their vision to improve patient safety and to become a global leader in the delivery of healthcare is becoming a reality.

K2 are delighted that Hatta Hospital have chosen the PTP to support this mission, and their maternity care teams will now benefit from comprehensive learning and testing on all aspects of fetal monitoring and maternity crisis management.  Covering extensive training material from Fetal Physiology and CTG Interpretation, to Breech and Maternal Collapse, as well as training simulators and assessments, the PTP ensures vital learning in fetal and maternal wellbeing and allows access to a unique e-learning facility used by over 200,000 clinicians worldwide.

K2 are delighted to work alongside Hatta Hospital and the DHA, and very much look forward to supporting their work and dedication to improving healthcare for all.

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