Homerton Benefits from Full Portal™ Upgrade

It has been wonderful to be working alongside Homerton Hospital again this last month as they see a major upgrade of their K2 hardware providing them with state-of-the-art medical device equipment, and enabling them to be ready for the very latest enhancements to the K2 Guardian electronic intrapartum monitoring solution.

Homerton’s Guardian system has been installed on K2’s specially designed medical grade panel PC, Portal, ensuring the effortless and efficient capture of all patient notes, at the bedside, through labour and delivery.  However, with recently released exciting new Portal capabilities and enhanced Guardian functionality now available, Homerton have upgraded all 25 of their Portals to the very latest P3 edition.  This will enable them to benefit from all the features of the new INFANT-Guardian® V6 release, as well as see the advantages of a smaller, lighter, faster and more powerful panel PC. Displaying the next generation touch-screen technology with integrated keyboard mount to ensure ergonomic keyboard use, offering high integration and full compliance with safety requirements, the Portal exhibits all necessary functionality for safe and reliable use, essential for today’s demanding clinical environment.

K2 are delighted that Homerton have seen the successful upgrade of all their Portals and know that they will continue to benefit from a unique and unrivalled medical computer that is firmly focused on comprehensive functionality and clinical utility.  Portal provides exceptional performance to make it an unrivalled and effective resource that brings the power of the very latest in information technology to the very point of care.

To find out more about Portal P3, or how your organisation can also upgrade to this very latest PC solution, contact K2 on 01752 397800 or email enquiries@k2ms.com.