Saving Babies’ Lives Care Bundle Solutions Webinar

K2 invites you to join them for a webinar on either Friday 14th, or Friday 21st September 2018 at 14:00 GMT, demonstrating how organisations can use their products to address the elements of the Saving Babies’ Lives Care Bundle.

In response to the Health Secretary’s announcement of the ambition to reduce the number of stillbirths by 50% in England by 2025, NHS England issued the Saving Babies’ Lives Care Bundle in March 2016. This was incorporated into the CNST Maternity Incentive Scheme (element 6) in November 2017.

The bundle focuses on bringing 4 elements of care together and is designed to tackle stillbirth and neonatal death:

• Reduction of Smoking in Pregnancy
• Risk Assessment and Surveillance for Fetal Growth Restriction
• Raising Awareness of Reduced Fetal Movements
• Effective Fetal Monitoring

Implementation of these elements can be aided by K2’s products (Perinatal Training Programme™ – K2 PTP™, K2 Guardian™ and K2 Athena™) and evidence of this enhanced compliance can be easily demonstrated through Guardian & Athena’s powerful reporting capability.

To find out how K2 can help your organisation address these elements, book your place today: | Request a Demo (Session located under Athena product)

Estimated running time – 20-30 mins.