Southampton Welcomes Guardian™ Expansion

2011 saw a pivotal moment in the care capabilities at Princess Anne Maternity Hospital, Southampton, as they went live with K2’s unique fetal monitoring and electronic patient notes system, Guardian®. Able to effortlessly capture the whole patient data through labour and delivery, Guardian™ has been supporting Southampton University Hospital Trust’s ethos of outstanding patient care for over six years. And now, it is with great delight that K2 have been able to assist Princess Anne Hospital through an expansion of their current capabilities as they extend Guardian™ across the whole of Labour ward.

Originally maintaining four K2MS Portals running the specialist INFANT® enhanced Guardian™ software, Princess Anne Hospital has now chosen to significantly extend their current portfolio and has gone live with ten Guardian™ bedsides across Labour ward. This increase in comprehensive monitoring capabilities will further support staff, increase communication and will maintain the focus firmly on patient safety.

Lisa Relton, Midwife at Princess Anne Maternity, said of K2MS Guardian™, “We wanted K2 initially for the central surveillance and planning care for the labour ward as a whole but the paperless documentation was tailored to our needs making it an easy system to use. K2 has been an intuitive system to use, the more you use it the quicker you get with it, leaving more time to provide care. We like that all the information pulls through to Athena so we can access notes out of the room as well as quickly complete the postnatal notes.”

K2 are delighted to be supporting Princess Anne Hospital as they continue to develop and benefit from K2MS Guardian™ and INFANT®. This expansion of their K2 resources will now give them the capability to fully benefit from enhanced fetal monitoring and decision support; comprehensive data collection, contemporaneously and at the point of care; and all the exceptional efficiency, traceability and accessibility that INFANT® and Guardian™ will deliver. We look forward to continuing to work alongside all the staff at Princess Anne Hospital and are proud to be providing ongoing support to this centre for excellence as they continue to deliver outstanding care to mothers and babies.

Learn more about K2 Guardian™ here.