K2 Athena™ – Electronic Maternity Information System

Athena™ - Electronic Maternity Health Record | K2 Medical Systems
Athena™ - Electronic Maternity Health Record | K2 Medical Systems

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Video Transcript

Caring for mothers and their unborn babies is a privilege that carries great responsibility, no matter how complex the pregnancy. What every carer needs is high quality information that can be captured right there – at the point of care. Which is why K2 Medical Systems has developed Athena; a user friendly way of recording the entire pregnancy clinical record electronically, along the whole maternity pathway. From antenatal, through labour and delivery to Postnatal. No more paper notes, no duplication and less potential for costly mistakes. It’s the simple and reliable companion on a woman’s maternity journey, allowing clinicians to capture medical notes on a smartphone, tablet or PC, made available via a secure internet connection. Athena is a vision that has now been realised. It’s being used in hospitals across the UK and is making a real difference.

“It’s a huge benefit because it saves time. From the very beginning, the community midwife books the lady, all the information goes on the screen. If she attends any appointments at the hospital during her pregnancy, the’re put on the screen. Any appointments she comes to the triage area on delivery suite, they are on the screen. All her intrapartum care’s there and her postnatal care. So at any one point, any healthcare professional can access any aspect of the care that they need to know. It means that we can make plans of care and everyone can access these so that women get the right care. We have multi-disciplinary team meetings, all management plans are on there and they can be accessed by the community midwives, consultants, midwives caring for the women, so it makes safer care.”

“It helps us to have a multi team approach to have a look at the case reviews to make sure that the right plan can be done. Also for auditing purposes, to look at the way we can improve our practices or improve all of our services. It is really helpful, so it is a huge benefit.”

Athena is an electronic data capture system that provides users, midwives, nurses, doctors, or the women themselves access to all of their medical notes and data in formats that are familiar and easy to understand. It flags up outcomes and events so that the best medical care can be given.

“We look at incident reporting on a weekly basis and it helps us identify trends. We’re able to access the notes in real time so we can investigate the reports in a much more timely fashion which, actually, is safer for women in the long run, because we’re learning the lessons quicker and we can share them quicker. It has reduced the amount of number crunching and papers that I have to sift through, so I’m not searching for notes anymore; the notes are to hand, the figures are to hand. It’s easy to run reports; We’ve got standard reports that are set up, but we can also make our own reports, so any projects that we’re doing, the figures are instantly to hand.”

K2 understands the maternity pathway and has developed Athena to integrate seamlessly with hospital systems and NHS Digital services. It provides a full online electronic patient health record that matches NHS Digital’s vision and requirements. Women can access their own notes any time, from any place. These same online notes can also be shared between the woman and her clinician, between clinicians and with supporting care services. This electronic patient health record documents interactions in any location in the community; in clinics, by telephone, or during inpatient stays and, of course, during labour and delivery. Athena is the only system that covers this full breadth of service.

“It’s made a phenomenal change to my role, because it is so user friendly, it’s easy to access and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it.”

K2 Athena has been developed with clinicians to provide the best possible care and achieve best possible outcomes for the people that really matter – Mothers and Babies.

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