K2 P3 Portal mSATA SSD Replacement Process – Instructional Video

mSATA SSD Replacement   P3 Portal
mSATA SSD Replacement P3 Portal

Full, Step by Step Instructional Video, Detailing the mSATA SSD Replacement Process on a P3 Portal

Download Supporting Document: SSS-050-002.01

Video Transcript

This is a quick tutorial on how to replace the mSATA module, which sits underneath this access cover. This is a solid state drive that houses the operating system and the Guardian/INFANT software.

You need a 2mm hex key screwdriver to remove these 2 M3 screws and the access cover comes away.

And here’s this little mSATA module that we’ll be replacing underneath. One thing that you can see with this is that there are some LEDs illuminated and this is highlighting that there’s internal power to the device and this procedure can’t continue now. You should only be unplugging and plugging that module in with no power/energy in the product at all.

The quickest way to drain that is, actually, at this point to boot the Portal. I’ve just turned it on there. And actually remove power.

So I’ve unplugged it. although if I were to turn the device around, you will actually see that it is starting to boot up and operate. What we’re doing now is we’re discharging an internal energy store that’s a design feature of the device. We have an ability to ride through short power outages.

OK, so having turned the device around again now, you can see looking in at the back that the LEDs are extinguished so we can now proceed. But, one other thing we must do, first of all, is start to observe static precautions. These modules shouldn’t be handled without an ESD strap and other measures and K2 are very happy to loan out any tool kits, or ESD straps to assist with this work, should you need it.

Now, to release the module, there are 2 clips, either side. Gently pull them down and the module will just ease out.

Obviously to put it back, it’s the reverse process. Line it up in the connector and just push home and the 2 little clips will grab it.

Now it’s a case of replacing the access cover, but, before we do that, we need to make sure that this O-ring sealing gasket is still sitting properly in the groove. Sometimes, when these covers are removed, the gasket can stick slightly and come away, so we need to make sure that’s right. And it’s a case of re-fit the cover.