Who’s who at K2? Liam Minter

Liam Minter, Sales Manager/the North’s biggest rugby union fan!

Tell us a bit about your journey within K2

I started my journey at K2 as a developer in the clinical modelling department. My first project took me straight into the newly built and freshly established K2 Athena system which allowed for the complete replacement of paper notes with a digital system. This was a great intro into K2 as it allowed me to have an input and significant impact on the direction of travel for our maternity information system; I learnt a lot about the clinical processes, terminology, and day to day operation of maternity services and about the world of digital maternity in general. I’ve also experienced more project management and client focused roles, taking on the training and relationship management for new and existing clients, and meeting people from many walks of life.

I’m now working as part of the Sales team at K2, using all this knowledge to build upon the success that K2 already have in delivering robust and comprehensive digital solutions that compliment and support clinicians to give safer and more person-centred care to the women, pregnant people, and babies.

For me the move into the sales team was a natural transition as I strongly and passionately believe that the K2 products make a huge difference to clinicians and those that are pregnant both during pregnancy and afterwards.

What is it that K2 do that makes you proud to work here?

At K2 we produce innovative digital maternity solutions that aim to improve care and safety during and after pregnancy for women, pregnant people, and their babies largely by improving clinical oversight and situational awareness, providing decision support tools, and reducing the burden of documentation. This is achieved through dedicated solutions that empower clinicians to make the best clinical judgments while ensuring those who are pregnant have input into their care at every step of the journey.

The aim of K2 is to improve the experience of pregnancy and birth for all involved, women, pregnant people, babies, families, and clinicians. We look to reduce stress for clinicians by eliminating duplication and reducing the time needed for documentation allowing for more focus on delivering care.

K2 is a company of diverse, talented and dedicated people who truly believe in the products that we produce. I am very proud to work for K2 and fully believe that the products we produce will benefit all those that journey through the maternity services, not only within the NHS but all over the world. K2 products really do make a difference and I am grateful to be a part of it.

And what do you enjoy doing outside of your work at K2?

I’m lucky to have three amazing children and a beautiful wife, so outside of work I love spending time with them as much as possible and travelling around the country to visit the great places we have on our doorstep. I often bring my camera and dabble in photography. My other main love is rugby and I like to watch, play, and talk about it wherever the opportunity arises – when not talking about K2 of course!

And finally, what’s one thing about K2 that makes it stand out from the crowd?

At K2 we have a real culture of working together; to quote our Founder Dr, Robert Keith “Our raison d’être has always been, and will always be, to improve care.” – and whilst we are a business that needs to meet its goals and objectives as all others do, the passion for supporting all those in the maternity journey is something that is embodied in everyone that works here, and we understand that only by working with the industry can we achieve this. So, it’s not just the products we create or the innovations we develop that really make us stand out, it’s the people, the family that we have at K2 that really make us different. We don’t work for K2 to make ends meet, we are all here to make a difference, and the best way to achieve that is by coming together, sharing ideas and working with other industry specialists; that is the way forward. We’re not solitary creatures, hiding underground – we greatly believe in the power of interoperability and working towards the common goal of improving maternity care for all!